The Concept (don't worry, it's simple): News over time. Behind the fold.

Everymoment Now is looking to do just as it says up above, to provide "context and scope to the moments shaping our world."

If stories 'above the fold' are important and those 'below the fold' secondary, then Everymoment Now is looking 'behind the fold'; (fig 1) that is laterally, through time. Moments connected with an event both above and below the fold are brought next to each other to gain insight into the now.

People, places and events in the context of media are like stocks — they peak and bottom out over time. They have a media history. There are two insights to be culled from this:

  1. Being able to see these spikes (variance) in news coverage over time will illuminate potentially hidden patterns, stories or correlations.
  2. Providing a simple, clean and intuitive interface to this data will allow quick access to and assessment of these patterns and stories.

Everymoment Now aims to illuminate the news through this historical context.

US Election 2008:

The current version of Everymoment Now is focused on the 2008 US General Election. When the election is complete we'll have 100 days of data leading up to November 4th. We feel that being able to look back over the election, to see where media shifts occurred and what stories had the greatest impact on the final outcome is pretty important and powerful.

The election also gives the project a clear focus with which to launch. We are able to deal with a relatively small dataset (political news about the election) and will be able to refine the underlying workings of the site over the next several months.

Future Plans:

Our goal is to continue to develop, expand and broaden the scope of Everymoment Now. For now, we plan on expanding the core functionality, interface and user experience of this 2008 election edition. We also happen to be the developer of Buzztracker, and have at our disposal the five year backlog of broader focused, world news articles Buzztracker has in its database. We plan to merge this data into the Everymoment Now interface as a starting point for further expansion into world news.

Contact us

We're still very much a growing project! What you see now represents only a fraction of functionality we have scribbled down in our notebooks. We want to make this site better for you, dear lovers of news, so please, don't hesitate to write.

Send suggestions, comments, love mail, hate mail, ambivalent mail, news sources you want to see tracked, news sources you want us to stop tracking or ascii art to:


Everymoment Now was built and designed by Craig Mod, a Tokyo based designer and developer.

Everymoment Now was built often at Denny's, on Meiji Dori, between Shibuya and Ebisu. It was also built in the Hiroo Starbucks.

Everymoment Now would not have been possible without the insight, comments and technical advice of the following brilliant individuals: Matt Romaine, Daisuke Horie, Chris Kirkland, Chris Palmieri, Paul Baron, Katrina Grigg-Saito.

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